June 18, 2012

Fashion can create an eco disaster?

 Before I begin, I want you all to think carefully on this quote: "We now buy 40% of all our clothes at value retailers, with just 17% of our clothing budget." -TNS World Panel (2006) Fashion Focus issue 29.

Now, what does this quote mean? This means we can buy much, much more clothing than our budget should allow. Cambridge University reports people in 2006 were buying three times more clothing than they were in 2002. As brands compete against each other more and more to make cheaper clothing and entice the customers to shop from their more affordable prices, we as customers are having to spend less and less on our wardrobes. Now this is great, isn't it? We get more "bang for our buck" (as us Americans say). For those of you who don't know the meaning of this term, basically its saying we get more than our money's worth, which consumer-wise, is fantastic.

Think before you shop: it's smarter.

However, fashionistas, we are contributing to Global Warming and waste production! As trends go in and out so quickly and clothing get cheaper, we will buy more clothes which obviously, will be thrown out. We will want to "hop on" to that new trend as soon as possible, so we will throw away the clothes we do not need anymore! There are consequences on the environment, however. Ever thought about what happens once that old shirt that's so three years ago goes in the garbage? Well I'll give you the short definition: it basically ends up: in a garbage dump where it will either be burned (air pollution!) or put in the ground to eventually rot (land pollution!).

I'm not saying that we shouldn't follow the latest trends: as fashionistas, we absolutely should! Just, the next time you're in a store and you're looking at something you might wear "someday" or might not, don't give in to the impulse and buy it. You're budget will thank you and so will the Earth.


  1. Great post! A lot of my favorite fashionistas, (Hem cough, Bebe Zeva) are total thrifters, and it's amazing to watch them make outfits :D

  2. I don't usually throw out my clothes because a trend ends. I like to be original, and on those days where I have nothing to wear, I can pull something I haven't worn for a while from the back of my closet.

    When I do have clothes I don't want, I give them away. I only throw out a few things (like socks).

  3. tbh i only throw away underwear i barely ever throw out other old clothes bc trends often repeat themselves and i never even really follow them away because i'm not a follower i'm a leader


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