February 24, 2012

Rate Our Writers! - Survey

Now here comes the time where all of the new writers get compared and further rated by our readers before I place the blog on a hiatus.

(This will be posted in the next posts I put about the writers.)
We have all of our new writers a topic based on the theme we picked which was '7 Deadly Sins on Stardoll' where we relate occurrences on Stardoll on a particular deadly sin. And each writer gets 'Stardoll sin' to write on, and they had full control on how they wrote it out, they chose their own length, writing style, and how they wanted to address it. And what I post here is completely unedited as well, so please address any issues or likes of the article in the comments below!

And each post listed is completely untouched, unedited, and ready to be reviewed by the readers.
Here are them again if you forgotten them.


Writer #1 - Envy (Read it in full HERE)

"Hey guys! The topic that I was given to write about was envy

I'm sure, as we all know, that Stardoll is a prime example of where envy takes place.
Mostly it occurs in the minds of DKNY blood thirsty ten year old girls, but more seldom, it takes place with very, very nasty pieces of work.  This has most recently been demonstrated with the newly created, and hastily deleted, Stardoll Kill List.

[As you can see, whoever the creator of this blog is, they have serious issues.]
Now, it is not for certain whether this "kill" list was created out of pure envy of the people on that list [including myself, ahem], but anyone with a set of eyes in their head could see that it more than likely was."

Writer #2 - Lust (Read it in full HERE)

 "Religious or not, using a person for your own benefit isn't a positive thing. It isn't something you'd like to see in any a human being, especially in someone as young as 12 years old.

In my opinion, sex is an act that should be shared between two people that love each other. What goes on in "$ E X" party rooms rooms isn't exactly a loving relationship, it's a way for an unknown face to 'get off' behind the screen. Sometimes, it is simply trolling. The Ugly Side of Stardoll provides many examples of this, as well as visuals. Children often don't realize the consequences that may come with their actions. Not only is engaging in sexual behavior harmful to a child taking part, it is also harmful to a curious underaged kid who ends up in the wrong party. Studies show that kids learn majority of anything sex related online."


Writer #3 - Gluttony (Read it in full HERE)

 "The sheer obsession with having everything is driving many to the edge, making them inhumanly receivers of mass quantities of everything, from the latest release in Hot Buys to the designer tribute collections that Stardoll releases. Overall, gluttony in Dollywood is a major issue. First off, the easy accessability of items on Stardoll leads many to have an unhealthy obsession with having as much as they want and whenever they want. They make it their top priority when they log in to search and scour for items to fill their collections, no matter the cost or what they have to do to get them. The under handed activities to have more on Stardoll has lead many to do the worst act of gluttony in Dollywood: hacking others to have rares in their collections. A price is paid for such ravenous consumption of items, and twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, the gluttonous minds of Stardoll users are englued on adding to their collections and overflowing caches of digitally rendered designer inspired ensembles."


Writer #4 - Pride (Read it in full HERE)

 "This being said, such an aspect would never hit our beloved Stardoll community, right? More or less, we are too busy designing wigs and buying LE to even pause and think that Pride would play a ludicrous part in our Dollywood. Sadly, that is not the case. With upcoming competitions and features such as Cover girl, some users exploit this opportunity to gloat and make a spectacle thinking they are better than others for winning such superficial challenges. It certainly isn’t living up to the expectations of being a modest pod, and portrays this heavy sin greatly. Even owning material goods pushes someone to uncover their humble layer and boast about their achievements, fame, and appearance. People like Perilice2 or even Ceren.gk former winners of MSW seem to be basking in their glory, a tad bit too much and even own self-created/administrated fan-clubs. Several awards such as top designer help numerous users beam with popularity, but with popularity comes the deep and hurling feeling of pride. It might not happen to ever Stardoll User as we must remember the self-effacing ones, but it comes sooner or later, and stings you with egotism."

Now I would love it if you guys would please take this 3 questioned survey (should take about a minute to take) and answer to your best ability!

Love, Dei

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